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How Often Should a Medical Office Be Cleaned?

Medical offices are high traffic areas and generally encounter more germs than in other businesses. This is one of the business spaces that require professional cleaning regularly. Not only is cleaning and sanitation in a medical office necessary to maintain the health of staff and patients, but cleanliness also goes a long way in sending the right impression about your medical office’s level of professionalism.

Here is what you need to know about how often a medical office should be cleaned.

Cleaning Schedule

It is important to set the right cleaning schedule for the most effective office cleaning. That means setting up a detailed plan for daily cleaning and more thorough cleaning on a set schedule in your office space. Whether that in-depth cleaning is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly is up to you. Consider your type of business, the frequency of client visits, your budget, and general traffic volume. 

There is a lot of work to be done in a medical office, just to maintain a standard of cleanliness. That’s why it is a good idea to have a cleaning service take on all these tasks. 

Tools for Cleaning and Sanitization

Some commonly used tools in medical office cleaning are disposable gloves, bin liners, mops (with many clean mop heads), disinfectant spray, commercial-grade cleaners, high-powered vacuum with changeable filters and much more. The other advantage of using a professional commercial cleaning service is that your facility is making use of commercial grade cleaners, and professionals trained in the industry.

Trash Removal

Trash removal should be done daily, and a medical office’s trash can often include hazardous waste. Ensure the proper precautions are taken and be sure to remove trash to the proper holding facility as well.

When trash is removed, it’s recommended to use a disinfectant in the trash can itself, and then replace the liner. Never push trash down into a trash bag, as there might be sharps or other dangerous materials inside. These could harm you or the person taking out the trash, or puncture the bag. 

Waiting Room

Your waiting area is your first impression for your clients. You want to make sure that that area is well cleaned, and welcoming for your customers. For daily cleaning in the lobby and reception areas, your flooring can be the biggest part of your cleaning schedule. No matter the type of flooring, you want to make sure it is cleaned well and thoroughly, either through mopping or vacuuming. As it is a medical facility you want to make sure that all hard surface area and high touch areas, like light switches and door handles, are sanitized regularly. 

Beyond your regular cleaning tasks in the waiting room, you’ll want to make sure your facility shines for your customers. Paying attention to details like glass work and any stainless steel can make a big difference. Having a regular and professional commercial cleaning service for your medical facility will ensure your clients are happy and comfortable when they walk into your office. 

Break Room

Although an employee break room doesn’t see as much traffic as the rest of the office space, it is important to have the area cleaned regularly. This is your employees space, and you want to make sure they are also happy and healthy in your medical facility.  

Regular daily cleaning should include garbage removal and disinfection of hard surfaces like counters, tables, and chairs. As previously mentioned, no matter the kind of flooring your office has, that’s a big focus of your regular cleaning needs. As a break room generally mimics a kitchen, you’ll want to pay attention to any appliances such as a dishwasher, microwave, fridge (inside and out) and sink. . 


Washrooms are also a key area in a medical office. They should be highly sanitized, as there are several high touch areas like taps, door handles, light switches and more. As this is a space for staff and clients alike, this should be a top priority in daily cleaning. Everyone is happy to see a clean toilet and washroom!

Exam Rooms

One of the most important places to keep clean is in the exam rooms. Ideally, staff should be disinfecting between patients, including changing any paper table liners and/or wiping the chair or table down. It can be effective to keep single sanitary wipes on hand to do this.

For deeper cleaning, make sure to disinfect all surfaces, like exam tables, countertops, sinks, and fixtures. Again, you’ll always want to pay special attention to touchpoints like doorknobs, light switches, and computer keyboards, especially if the exam room is shared among doctors.

Frequent cleaning is the best way to disinfect a medical office. It is also wise to use the services of a commercial cleaning company for daily cleaning and for bigger jobs.

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